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Janell Kittleson


I'm Janell, the Director of Rogue Healing Collective.  It's a twisty path that took me here, one full of bumps, switchbacks, peaks and valleys.   If I look back on my life’s journey, I'm not sure I would have predicted it would lead me here.


Everyone has a story. Mine?  It’s full of lots of beautiful things - having a loving husband, a strong daughter, loyal friends, an abundant farm and playful puppies. I’ve filled my days with gardening, herbalism, dancing, swimming in our rivers and hiking through old forests. But, those things are not what brought me to being a founding member of Rogue Healing Collective, but they are what sustain me in challenging times.


A few years ago, our family faced a mental health crisis. We struggled to make sense of how we got there and how to get out of it.  I quit my job to pour myself into caring for a member of our family.  Many times I wondered if we would come out the other side intact.  (And how on earth did other families that didn’t have access to resources survive in these circumstances?!)  We received support from many skilled professionals, but not all were local and having to travel for services was tough.  When healing came to our family,  I knew that I wanted a new direction in my career.  It was time to serve others in our community who are in need of caring support.   


Before Rogue Healing Collective, I worked as the Director of Client Experience for a wonderful local software company, creating and fine-tuning systems and tools for our clients and our support team. I made life-long friends there.  The golden thread throughout my life has been the relationships formed with people along the way.  My heart is driven by these connections.  And I can think of no better place to be now than working for our community, fostering healing and growth.

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