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LaLena Leigh


I’m Lalena.  I moved to Grants Pass in 2020 to be close to family.  I love the beautiful mountains, rivers, woods, farms, and small-town feel; there are some comforting similarities to the small Alaskan city where I grew up and raised my family. 
My healing journey began with overcoming the trauma of childhood divorce and sexual and physical abuse.  Harnessing the growth from these challenges and leaning into the love of God, my husband of thirty-one years and I raised five children, one of whom we adopted from the foster care system.  As a young mom, I experienced postpartum depression and seasonal affective disorder (arctic living isn't for the faint of heart!), and our adopted child suffered severe attachment trauma.  As our children grew older, our family navigated substance abuse and addiction, crippling depression, and anxiety.  Then we were shocked by the devastating loss of one of our adult sons in an accident.  I became acutely aware of the lack of mental health resources as I struggled to support my family through these painful challenges. My life has overflowed with unexpected adventure,tragedy, beauty and pain, and it's all led me to here and now; I'm thrilled to be one of the founders of Rogue Healing Collective and put my love and energy into walking alongside fellow Rogue Valley residents on their journeys to wholeness, healing and freedom.  
My thirty year nursing career has spanned the life spectrum from NICU to hospice, including volunteer medical missions in Indonesia, Mexico, the Philippines, and West Africa.  I have always believed in the importance of holistic care and pursued further training in counseling throughout my career, which I have utilized at the bedside, in homes, in groups, and in community settings.  My practice is based upon a respectful, compassionate therapeutic relationship with appropriate integration of mindfulness, acceptance and commitment therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, and motivational interviewing. 

Lalena works with clients ages 12 and over.


***Insurance Plans Accepted:  OHP, All Care, Care Oregon, Jackson Care Connect


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