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Grief Support Group

Registration Open

Have you experienced the loss of a loved one? Join Therapist Lalena for a multi-week small, closed group gathering to find comfort, support and healing.  


Call or email to reserve your space in an upcoming group.  Next group begins in September. 


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Women at Fancy Lunch

Gen X Women's Group

Registration Open
May 2, June 6, July 11, Aug 1
5:30pm - 7pm


Hail all Gen X Women! For the generation of women who were asked to do it all!  For the women who aren't growing older quietly!  For the women still searching for their true voice!  We will gather, tell stories, laugh and learn from one another.    

Meditation Break

Fridays @ Noon  

Join us weekly for a gentle unwinding meditation. 

Come as you are and bring whatever helps you feel comfortable.  Please arrive as close to noon as possible so we can settle in by 12:10pm.   (35 minute session)

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